The Minnetonka Handyman Company





Kris replaced our vehicle damaged double mailbox post. He was on time, very professional and we are more than happy with the result. Upon arriving he was confronted with unforeseen circumstances and responded in an extremely professional manner and took the glitch in stride. He has my complete and unreserved recommendation.



Kris is a pleasure to work with and performs great work. He gave opinions on several items I asked about and provided pros and cons. He is very efficient. We discussed some future projects and I’ll definitely use him again.


He was prompt, friendly, trustworthy, and honest. We were very pleased with him and his work and would definitely call on him again for help with future projects.


It was easy to book the appointment. He was on time and professional. I had a minimum two hour period which he filled with the jobs he did. After installing the new light, he went over how to program it & he tested it to be sure it worked correctly. After removing the window treatments, he put them in the garage for me since they were big. He offered & I agreed to his patching the holes where the window boxes were attached to the wall. He was pleasant to work with.


The work went very well. Kris was on time and was focused on doing good work and ensuring the customer was satisfied.


Kris removed and replaced my mailbox post with 2 mailboxes attached after a car knocked down the whole thing. He did an outstanding job. He is very efficient and takes much pride in his work. I highly recommend Kris.


Gave the entire house a very thorough inspection, inside and out.
It was absolutely terrific. He showed me how to clear out the food catcher on the dishwasher, he changed the batteries for me for all smoke detectors, he checking wiring, and plumbing - in fact, he found a leak in our water softener which we then had to replace...but just in time! He showed me where to find the main water valve and how to turn it off...he was just the best!! I highly recommend him!


I had purchased a closet system online and was not able to install it due to an injury.  I contacted Chris, he did a little research and got back to me right away with an estimate.  He arrived a few minutes early, took care to lay tarps throughout the house and carried every last piece of the closet system upstairs to our bedroom.  He laid it all out, it was like a big puzzle.  He quickly went to work and within 4-5 hours had it all installed.  He did a great job, took great care while working and even took all of the cardboard with him to recycle it.  I would recommend him for any of your jobs around home or office!


We had him do a bunch of odd jobs that were needed for our rental license. He created a railing at the top of the stairs, anchored the laundry tub in the basement and replaced our dryer vent on the side of the house and the ductwork that connects to it.
Everything was great.  He came once and met to see what needed to be done, gave me an accurate estimate and then came back a week later with the railing already built.  He did the rest of the work in a timely and professional manner.  I will use him again, probably soon.


Kris painted a cement wall in our laundry/furnace room and put a 6ft shelf on the wall over the washer/dryer.
Kris was very friendly and professional. He had good ideas on what would work best. He was on time, did a great job, and cleaned up after he was finished. The next day he texted to see if everything was up to what I had expected. Yes, it was!

Lyn and Liz


Kris is great! His work is excellent. We have had some projects that he had used his creativity to address it. We love working with him!


Kris  has done a large amount of work for me over many years. This has included remodeling a study and garage to some plumbing and mounting TVs.
Kris is one of the best and most skilled craftsman I have worked with.  He is a great guy,...funny and smart.  He does very good quality work and let's you know when a job is beyond his expertise. (electrical or complicated plumbing etc)
He is always on time and you do not need to worry about him finishing a job in allotted time.  I am sure anyone will be pleased with his work.



We hired Kris to caulk around the foundation of our house where, due to settling, the patio and front porch were pulling away from the house.  Kris did a wonderful job replacing old, weathered caulk where he could, but was challenged by areas where the separation was too wide and too deep to caulk.  Kris came up with several creative alternatives to caulking those areas and asked for our input as to which we might prefer.  I liked all of his suggestions!  He worked with us to decide on filling one particularly deep area with pebble rock which not only solved the problem, but played off the landscaping and looked terrific.  In another area he secured a wooden base under a patio door which not only fixed the settling issue, but made the door look more "finished".  We are very happy with the results!


We hired him to do a "honey do" list of stuff around the house. The biggest two parts were repairing a loose upstairs railing, and removing and installing a new shower door.
I wish we'd found Kris sooner! We'd actually gone through two other handymen trying to get the railing fixed. Kris not only fixed the railing (three months of three kids knocking into it, and it's still going strong) but repaired the damage that the previous repair had left behind.
The new shower door was a tricky one, requiring some modifications and new holes drilled in porcelain. Again, Kris did a wonderful job.  
On top of that, he was polite AND funny - you don't often get that! When I said I wanted to do one part myself, he took the time to give me some pointers and lend me one of his tools.
I would hire him again in a heartbeat.


He installed 2 shelves, adjusted another shelf, installed a drapery rod and fixed a window that was sticking.
Kris came and scoped out the project and took measurements. He also made some helpful suggestions.
He came back a few days later and completed all phases of the project.
He was efficient and creative. He has a neat sense of humor.
He cleaned up thoroughly at the end. We will use him again for misc. projects as they arise.


Kris was very punctual when he came to adjust a door to the den. Made some recommendations and fixed the problem.
We had a den door we were having trouble with. It was a French door that did not have the traditional latch but rather a "ball system" that would snap into place when the door was closed. We thought about putting on a traditional latch but Kris said it would be better to just adjust the ball.
That recommendation undoubtedly saved us a lot of money and hassle.
Very friendly and professional. We'll definitely call him again if needed.


He hung some very heavy mirrors, a grandfather clock and hanging a variety of things we were putting off and needed done.
Kris was terrific. He did a good job, was efficient, quiet and didn't waste any time.
We would recommend and hire him again. He arrived on time.


He did many projects around our house. Built new steps in our garage, installed a fireplace blower, replaced a chandelier in dining room, hung new towel rods, took down a door and replaced molding.
Kris ways always on time and very professional.
The quality of his work was outstanding and we would recommend to anyone needing a handyman's services


From start to finish this was a very good experience. He provided an accurate estimate for doing the job, showed up on time and did the work quickly using beautiful craftsmanship. In addition he was completely professional and a pleasure to have working at my home. I give him my highest recommendation.


We appreciated his fine work and the timeliness of the completion.
We will contact him again whenever we need handyman work as he lives close by in a neighboring community.


We had him do a bunch of odd jobs that were needed for our rental license.
He created a railing at the top of the stairs, anchored the laundry tub in the basement and replaced
our dryer vent on the side of the house and the duct work that connects to it.
Everything was great. He came once and met to see what needed to be done, gave me an accurate estimate and then came back a week later with railing already built.
He did the rest of the work in a timely and professional manner.
I will use him again, probably soon.


Kris is excellent to work with. He's very friendly, professional and clearly takes pride in his work.
I've hired Kris on a couple smaller projects (handyman work) and have been very pleased with all aspects of the work. He's a fantastic handyman. He's prompt, friendly, thorough and does excellent work.
He's easy to schedule and will quickly gain your trust.
Highly recommended.


I call Kris several times a year to come and do a few odds and ends that need to get done around the house. He responds quickly and is very responsive. He frequently has creative solutions to a problem I have.
Kris has a pleasant and friendly demeanor. I have another list and will be calling him shortly!
I give him a list of things that need to be done. If it requires anything from the hardware store, he has the receipt for it.
Generally I pay him by the hour because I have small jobs that require a few hours of work at a time.


The guy who did the service was fabulous. The work took 5 minutes and he did not want to charge for the service.
My wife had to basically force him to take payment.

John & Barbara

Arrived on Time, pleasant to work with, excellent work, no complaints.
Will keep their name in our file and use them again in the future when we need a handyman.
Job well done!


He did work in our bathroom which included installing a floor.
It was fine. He did a good job and he was friendly.


Kris gave an accurate estimate, arrived to perform the projects as promised on the date promised and charged reasonable fees.
Drywall patching and painting was seamless and there is no evidence of prior damage.
Kris is extremely detail oriented. He notified us in advance by e-mail of his work date and time.
We will definitely use his services in the future.


The things I would recommend about him are pricing, professionalism and the quality of his work.
I think he's a very personable person, easy to talk to.
He has all the necessary equipment to do the job.
He is very knowledgeable of the construction industry.


I had a ton of things that needed doing in my house and this guy did everything with no problem at all.
At a different time he replaced a fan vent up to the roof through the attic.
Everything he does, he does well and with a smile.
I would trust him to do everything that needs a handyman in my house.


We have used Minnetonka Handyman for all sorts of projects. He hung a bunch of pictures when he came out the last time. Also has hung a flat screen TV and outdoor speakers for us.
One of the things that we like about him is that he would come out before he does the actual work in order to see what needs to be done. He is very trustworthy. No matter what the project is, we know that he'll do a great job. He is not cheap though.
We will use him again in the future, we have recommended him to others as well.


Kris is talented in woodworking, repairs and painting.
He has performed small jobs such as mount an LCD TV.
He has performed large jobs such as remodel our garage.... including installing a ceiling and cabinets.
He has recently remodeled my home office that included planning the job, built-in shelving, rerouting all the computer, DVD, TV wires, painting and helping move the furniture back in place.
I have never had any problems with his work. He is totally honest, very pleasant and is a great problem solver.  He comes up with cost saving ideas and will call a subcontractor for help if there is a more complex issue. I have known Kris for 5-6 years and he has done four major projects and a number of repairs. He did an excellent job putting tile on a back splash as well as designing book shelves.

Kris is a total perfectionist, which aligns with my expectations.
He is easy to have in your house, which makes it even better.
He even taught me how to "skim coat"...which has come in handy.
He is a great resource to have on hand.


We have used Kris many times in the past and he is very versatile.
He helped us repair wallboard around the home (patching, mud, painting) including a rather large hole we had in one of our bedrooms. Installed splash guards in our downstairs shower and hung and installed new cabinets and shelving in our laundry room.
Kris not only does the difficult work, but makes thoughtful recommendations when he sees opportunities to do it better. He takes great care to make it look like he'd want in his own home.
For example, in our laundry room shelving project, he made suggestions for the placement of each cabinet to maximize our ability to use the shelves and avoid damage to walls from swinging doors or open drawers.
We also have a recessed lighting fixture right next to the cabinets, and he carefully measured each shelf to ensure it was installed just far enough down from the ceiling that you could open each door without brushing against the fixture.
It's the kind of stuff that if we'd done it ourselves we would have missed!